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Established in 1987, veteran-owned Highway and Safety Services, Inc., has grown into a multi-million dollar contractor with nearly 100 employees capable of constructing a wide variety of projects. This includes traffic control, erosion control and storm water management, installation of structures and site furnishings, landscaping and excavation, paving, signs, and concrete and brickwork.


We also offer sales in traffic control items and more.

Highway and Safety Services, Inc., is experienced with all the governing, licensing, and permitting agencies in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area.


Contact us today for more information about any of our road construction sales and services. We look forward to working with you!

About Us
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Highway and Safety Services has made it our goal to develop team effort as the tone of every project. This includes actions like extending courtesy and cooperation, being honest and professional, keeping lines of communication open and forthright, seeking to create a group allegiance whose aim is the successful completion of each job.


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Highway and Safety Services, Inc., offers a wide variety of roadwork and site development services to both the public and private sectors, including local, state, and federal governments, private builders, and homeowners' associations. Specializing in heavy construction, we provide services in traffic control, erosion control and storm water management, landscaping and site work, precast, concrete and brick work, structures, and signs..

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