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Project: Nicholson Court Stormwater Retrofit and Restoration

Client: Montgomery County Departmentof Public Works

Location: Rockville, MD

The Bus Maintenance Facility at Nicholson Court in Rockville required stormwater quantity and quality management improvements due to the amount of petroleum by-products being deposited on the asphalt refueling and parking decks. The facility is bounded on one side by the CSX Railroad bed. This configuration required the installation of underground treatment facilities.Work included: removal and disposal of concrete, pipe installation, cast-in-place structures, hot mix asphalt pavement, rock excavation and disposal, and sediment control, as well as reforestation and stabilization of affected areas.


The work included conveyance and installation of reinforced concrete piping and end sections. In addition, trench drains, and curb and gutter were installed for proper drainage of the roadway and for road safety measures. The installation of BaySavers, manhole frames and covers were installed as means of improving the stormwater treatment of the area. Oil separator systems were installed as well. The outflow of the stormwater system is onto the CSX property and required slope protection measures. The construction of Keystone segmental concrete block retaining walls effectively contained the new site embankment and allowed for dewatering and drainage during storm events.Existing geometric configurations were incorporated into the design to comply with MDE standards.


Phasing of construction was required to allow for the use of the refueling and parking areas by the Bus operators. Access toNicholson Court wasmaintained throughoutconstruction


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