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Project: Wayne Avenue Park and Streetscape

Client: Montgomery County Department of Public Works, Capital Improvements Division

Location: Georgia Ave, Silver Spring –Montgomery County, MD

As part of the downtown Silver Spring redevelopment effort HSS constructed a plaza at the entrance to the Downtown Silver Spring Redevelopment Offices with planters, architectural furniture, stone and brick pavers, ornamental street lamps, landscapingwith irrigation system, street modifications and curbing.


The placement of streetscape paving and curb utilized the existing pavement elevations to set the new curband plazaprofiles. Existing geometric configurations were incorporated into the designto comply with the City of Silver Spring, Montgomery County and Maryland State Highway Administrationstandards.


New curb was constructed that required a closed storm drain system, including storm drainage inlets, manholes and pipes.Electrical andwater connections were modified and installed to allow for pedestrian lighting and landscape irrigation. Existing utilities were encountered under the existing pavement and were avoided or reinforced.A CIP concrete spread footing was installed in the center of the garden to receive a sculpture.


Phasing of construction was prepared to Montgomery County DPS and MSHA standards.Pedestrian and auto/truck access to Wayne Ave., Georgia Ave., the offices of Silver Spring Downtown Redevelopment Foundation, and local businesses wasmaintained throughoutconstruction.


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